Ref Gives 5 Red Cards... In The Dressing Room

A referee sent off five players in the dressing rooms after a post-match brawl at an English League Two game between Bradford City and promotion-chasing Crawley Town.

Let's break this down. A referee sent off five players, in a room that was already "off". It's like when my mum once said, "Go to you room" when we were in my room.

Maybe he used the red card to mean "you can't go back out and play". But it was a post-match brawl. They'd already finished. That's like a German saying, "For you the war is over" on VE day.

A brawl is obviously wrong, and I won't defend it, but why does the ref think he still has authority after the game has finished and not on the pitch? Does he go through life like that, giving red cards to people he doesn't like? In the middle of a row with the missus, "Yellow card. You can't bring up things I said 5 years ago and... red card! You know that only happened once and I'd been under a lot of pressure at work!"

Or does he think he's in charge of making sure people shower properly? If you're getting changed and you get a red card for your "nasty tackle", maybe you really do need that early bath after all.

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