Solving The Petrol Price Problem

Just when I was going to moan about the minimum price on alcohol I read that the Government released that story to try to bury the bad press the budget was getting. I thought it was the other way round. They tells us what's in the budget, which drives us to drink so when they say we have a drinking problem in the UK we say, "They have a good point."

In the summer there'll be even more duty on the price of our petrol, which has made experts say that by the end of the summer it's likely that it could cost 150p a litre. The Telegraph today has a story saying it already costs almost £100 to fill a large family vehicle.

At the price people start thinking, "Do I really need... a family?" If you get a small car, you'll pay less in petrol and the spouse and kids will have to walk.

I was on radio today, and I was lucky enough to speak to someone who might be able to help, Howard Cox from FairFuelUK. And you can have a listen to what we talked about...

Get the mp3 here

If you think petrol is too expensive, go to FairFuelUK.com and put your name down.


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