Expensive Water To Be Used On Rioters

On the front of the Express: "Water Bills To Soar In Hosepipe Scandal".

Well, what did we expect? A hosepipe ban means we won't be using as much water, and if we don't use as much the water companies will earn less. And we can't have that, can we? There are some shareholders who want to get even richer. So to make up for the reduced amount of water we'll get through, the water companies are putting the price up.

And the front page of the Daily Mail: "Water Cannon To Quell Riots."

So tax payers' money will be spent buying water, at a new higher price, to spray at rioters. The water companies will be raking it in. All the water companies need to do to make huge profits is cause some civil unrest. And I wonder what would make us so angry that we riot? Hmm, maybe a hosepipe ban even though we've been caught in the rain just as much as normal recently?

It seems that the water companies have the perfect situation to make money while we suffer. Is there any good news for us? Well, yes. If you're garden is really dry and suffering this summer, just put up a big sign saying "JD Sports". Soon enough some rioters will turn up, followed by the water cannon, and you'll be well irrigated before you know it.


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