The Real-Life Batman

Batman really exists. In Slovakia, a man called Zoltan Kohari has taken it upon himself to dress as the dark knight and bring order to the town of Dunajska Streda.

Some much to unpick here. Firstly, if you were called Zoltan Kohari why would you need a superhero name?

Secondly, he's not really Batman, is he? He's a guy who's dressed up in a Batman t-shirt. He's dressed less like a crime fighter and more like someone who works in a comic book shop.

But to be fair, he has been helping to "clean the streets". Mainly this has involved picking up litter and helping old people to cross the road.

He's like the Police Community Support Officer version of Batman.

He also calls the police when he sees something suspicious. When he sees something suspicious? "Erm, police? Hello. Yep, I've spotted something that looks a bit dodgy. There's a man walking round with his face covered, going up to old people while carrying a bag full of dog turds and... oh, no, sorry. It's my reflection again."

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