Collar-Bomber Says Sorry

Remember the story of the guy in Australia who broke into a house and chained a fake bomb around the neck of a young girl in a bid to get money out of the family. Well he has now said sorry.

Well I'm sure that smooths things over. Maybe send some chocolates and a nice card. I bet Clintons do a "Sorry I nearly blew your head off" range, they certainly do everything but.

If you don't remember the details, 51-year-old banker Paul Peters broke into the house in Sydney and chained a USB stick around her neck along with a letter.

Just in case bankers weren't already hated enough for what they have done to the world economy, they're pulling this shit now. Who's doing their PR?

The police were called and it took them 10 hours to remove the fake bomb. I guessed they clicked "safely remove USB device" and waited; in Windows Vista that can take ages.

The case is now in court and his lawyer said he was "profoundly sorry".

He'll be fine. He'll go to jail but he'll have lots of those women who fall for criminals waiting for him. All we know about him is that he can write a letter and likes to give women something they can wear around their neck. He's a keeper.

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