Wee Flavoured Egg? Urine Luck!

Don't know what to get that relative who's hard to buy for? Why not try this? In China's Dongyang city, hard-boiled eggs soaked and cooked in young boys' urine are enjoyed as a springtime snack and health tonic.

I have never tried a boiled egg that's been cooked in wee, so I shouldn't really criticise, but who was the first person to try this? If someone says to you, "You should really try this pissy egg thing I've invented," that's one thing. But if you're sat around bored with an egg and a kid who's just finished a whole bottle of Sunny Delight and you think, "I know what I could do..." you're a wrong 'un.

Every spring in Zhejiang province, the urine of young boys is collected and used to cook eggs. Talk about taking the p... never mind. Vendors say it takes an entire day to make the delicacy.

Well, if I knew that many people were waiting for me to go, I'd probably struggle to relax the plumbing.

First the eggs are soaked in the urine and then boiled. Step 3 isn't the predicable, "Then throw them away and get some proper food." The next step is to crack the eggs and continue to simmer them for hours. You're eating an egg in piss and you're worried about the eggs being under done? Yeah, who knows what you might catch.

Apparently the pee-soaked snacks promote better blood circulation. If ever my blood stops you can hand me a wee-wee-egg, Till then, I'll pass.

It's easy to mock but in this country you can get food in some restaurants that has young man's urine in it. Just go to a Nando's and be rude to the staff.

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