The Prometheus World Premiere [Red Carpet Interview]

The new sci-fi film Prometheus had its world premiere in London on Thursday, and I was there. It was only the day before when I saw the screening of Prometheus (read the review here).

Sir Ridley Scott was there with his stunning significant other. I was going to ask the standard question, "So, what first attracted you to the multi-millionaire Sir Ridley?" But she'd probably say, "His massive tadger!" And I'd look like a fool.

Charlize Theron was there making everyone look ugly in comparison. I wanted Samantha Brick to turn up so I could say, "This! This right here is beautiful, and she deals with OK, so man-up!"

Guy Pearce was there. Here are some pictures of him when he was stood talking to the people just next to me. Well, everybody needs good neighbours.

Noomi Repace was there too. She was lovely, and her first name sounds like something rude on The Only Way Is Essex. I didn't mention that to her.

Michael Fassbender was also there. He's the one who plays the robot. Kind of like Metal Micky, but also kind of not.

Listen to the full version of the red carpet interviews below. I chatted to everyone you can see above, and here's what happened.

Or downloads the mp3 here.

And don't forget you can read the review of Prometheus here. And if you enjoyed listening to the red carpet chats, hear my latest podcast here.


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