Man Had Kelly Brook Tattoo On His Leg

Kelly Brook got a shock when she saw what a fan has done. He's had a picture of her face tattooed on his leg.

I feel sorry for Kelly as that must freak you out. I feel sorry for the bloke because he could really regret it. If he has a wife I feel sorry for her. The only one who gets a good deal in all this is his dog.

Kelly tweeted "OMG please tell me that's not real".

No Kelly, it's not real. It's a tattoo. Your real face is attached to your head. Bless.

A photo of the unnamed man's tribute was posted online by his pals. Sheffield builder Lee Naylor replied to the model and actress, saying: "I'm afraid it's very real, I personally think he's mental (no offence)".

A similar thing happened to the actress who plays Bree in Desperate Housewives. Well, she has a face that looks like someone's leg after tattoo laser removal. Same sort of thing.

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