Cheryl Storms Out Of Interview

Cheryl Cole has stormed out of a BBC interview over daft question.

Was it, "would you like a lollypop after you've weed?" That normally gets her going.

She was repeatedly asked 'Why are we here?'. That's a rather deep and philosophical question. If I wanted to understand the very meaning of existence, I don't think Cheryl would be the person I'd ask. Some of the greatest minds this planet has ever created have failed to get to the bottom of it, but I bet a pop singer can nail it.

She had agreed to chat to a BBC3 show backstage at an event, but got so fed up when she was repeatedly asked the philosophical question she left.

On some level her response was genius. When asked, "Why are we here" she leaves here. That's deep and really questions the presumptions. I guess she didn't do that part of it on purpose.

According to her people, when she was asked "Why are we here?" she thought they meant why was she at the music event and took it as a dig at her for not being worthy of being on the same bill as The Wanted and Jessie J.

She's pretty quick to take offence for a woman who makes a living out of saying, "I'm worth it."

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