Joe The Plumber Solves The Holocaust Riddle

>Do you remember Samuel Wurzelbacher? You might be thinking, "No. And with a name like that I'm sure I'd remember. Wurzelbacher sounds like a West Country tribute act."

Maybe you'll remember him when I tell you he was the man John McCain called "Joe The Plumber", thereby proving John is so old he's starting to forget names.

He was the man that John used in the 2008 presidential campaign to try to appeal to the working class voters. Almost in a case of life imitating art, but more like rubbish life imitating what's left of some other life, Samuel Pretzelsnatcher is now running for Congress in Ohio.

He's with it. He's even taken to the web to get his message out. Have a look at his video...

So, he is saying that gun control led to the Holocaust and Armenian genocide? Even if that were true he hasn't convinced many people in the world that America shouldn't have gun control.

By the look of it, if it wasn't for Americans like Samuel Satchelflapper those tomatoes would be rounding the humans up and putting them in camps.

These horrific events happened because the victims didn't have guns? Of course, that's just a vague estimation that will probably turn out to be nothing like the reality of the situation. That's why they call him a plumber I guess.

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