Torchbearer Proposes During Relay

Romance hit the Olympic torch relay after a 25-year-old British Red Cross volunteer got down on one knee during the leg between Middlesbrough and Hull.

He was proposing to his girlfriend. Just to clear that up. He wasn't doing his shoe laces. I know I'm a bloke but that would be a low standard of romance even for me.

David State, from Redcar, who works with the Scout movement and raises money for charity, knelt as he asked Christine Langham, to marry him.

Everyone seems to be happy about this but I keep thinking, "Oi! You're meant to be doing a job. Focus!" I don't want to be a killjoy but he's handling a naked flame there, and you know what men are like with multi-tasking.

Christine, who is 8-months pregnant with his child, accepted. It was still a gamble though. Even though she's having your baby, that risk that she might say no is bad enough when you're popping the question in a restaurant. But if she said no during the Olympic torch relay, you would all over the paper. You'd be a bigger loser than most of our athletes.

But as if she'd say no. He was holding a massive flame in his hands with lots of spare fuel.

Mr State said it had all been pre-arranged with relay organisers Locog, who gave him 300m to run before stopping to propose. He said: "Then I had to keep running with the torch for 300m after that, so the words 'I've got to go' came out of my mouth as soon as I'd proposed."

Asking someone to marry you and then running off. Sounds like my dating MO in my late 20s.

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