Katy Perry Tissue-Stuffed Bra

There are two stories about Katy Perry in the news today. In one, Katy Perry says Russell Brand felt threatened by her career.

The other story is about how Katy Perry stuffs her bra with tissue. One story is an interesting example of how, even in the year 2012, we still live in a society where a man can feel that he should be the main earner in a relationship. The other is a silly story about boobies. So it should come as no surprise that it's the second one I'm talking about here.

Why does she put tissue down there? They're already massive, so I don't think it's for reasons of padding. Maybe she knows she's likely to spill her drink down her top and she's just getting ahead of the game.

Maybe it's there for later. Like old grannies who always have a hanky up a sleeve. To her credit, she didn't have sleeves on that dress so what else could she do?

While it's shocking that in 2012 a man can be jealous of his wife's success, it's equally shocking that a beautiful woman, busty or not, would cram tissue down her top like a nervous teen. I guess she works in an industry where image is everything, but shouldn't we rise above worrying about things like double-ply quilted boobies with aloe vera?

You see, linking those stories together actually worked out in the end. The third story I was going to bring in was the story about all the flooding in the north of England. If Katy Perry's chest is mainly made of tissues, she'll have enough in there to soak up most of the flood water.


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