Newly-wed Bride For Sale

...one uncareful owner.

A German couple have auctioned off their wedding night to a stranger. An online advert placed by "NicoleBlow37", whose real name is Sandra.sayd, "Yes, you read correctly: You may take me in front of my husband on our wedding night."

Wow. If you're a guest at the wedding, maybe keep the receipt for the gift you get them.

Apparently it was the couple's fantasy. They want her to be seduced by a stranger in a hotel, and then for the groom to catch her at it. If that's what you're into just marry Amanda Holden.

It worked though. One lucky bidder paid €366 for the honour. This whole thing is like Indecent Proposal, but at that price, I'd say it's fairly decent. And it works out great for the bride. It certainly covers her "something borrowed" requirement.

In the advert it said, "We'll meet in a hotel which you, as a gentleman, will pay for."

Yes, the very definition of a gentleman. I saw it in one of those etiquette shows, "A gentleman always offers to pay when defiling another man's new bride."

It went on, "We will get to know each other and when we start getting down to business I will ring my husband and tell him to come to the room." To confirm the legitimacy of whole arrangement Sandra offered to bring the marriage certificate.

We're not worried that you're not actually married, we're worried that the phone call is the first the hubby will hear about it. It'll end up less Indecent Proposal and more Saw III.

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