Men In Drag, Race

Hundreds of men got dressed up in frocks, fishnets and feather boas to become drag queens for a day and take part in a charity fun run in London.

I thought I should explain that was what happened in case you saw loads of butch women running and thought, "Wow! The molesters in London have really dropped their standards."

It was the "Great Drag Race", which is a clever pun but also probably led to some disappointed petrol-heads. It was all for a good cause, in support of a prostate charity. And that's why the dressing as a woman doesn't make much sense. If there's one section of society who doesn't need to check their prostates it's the women.

What message am I missing? Are they saying we should dress as women when we go for the check up? Is it good luck? Maybe having to lift up a skirt first would make your doctor be more gentle.

I suppose it's a better fancy-dress for a prostate sponsored run than many others. Some people do fun-runs dressed as a cow but that would be wrong here. I've seen it on TV, they go elbow-deep.

It seems wrong to be picking fault because they're doing it to raise awareness for such a serious issue. But by posting about it on this site I am actually giving it an extra plug.

I guess what I'm saying is, when it comes to a silly fancy-dress, for all the good it does you might as well shove it where the sun don't shine. And while you're up there...

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