The Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus... sounds like the van I lost my virginity in, but it's not. Our neighbouring planet Venus passed between us and the Sun, like when you're in the cinema and some idiot stands up to go to the loo. Only the transit of Venus won't happen again for over 100 years, whereas the git in the cinema will be doing that every ten minutes.

Most of the UK was cloudy when it happened so we didn't actually get to see it anyway. I was awake, so I still looked up at the clouds and as I have those eye floaters I kind of got the same effect.

Here's the UK view of the Venus transit.

If you could've seen it Venus looked like a small black dot on the Sun. Remember, the next time this happens in 2117 we will all be dead, so,happy days.

Every newspaper, every TV news bulletin and even radio shows have all said, "Remember, don't look directly at the Sun."

I'm sorry, but it's not society's job to stop idiots looking at the Sun. If you're stupid enough to think that staring at the Sun is perfectly fine we should let you do it. In fact we should let you run with scissors and use your mobile while driving. One show even said you could use a telescope to project and image of the Sun onto a piece of paper, and they said, "Remember, when the telescope is pointing at the Sun, do not look through the eyepiece."

Anyone that stupid isn't watching the TV, they're stood in front of it shouting, "How did these little people get in this box!?!"

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