Hypnotist Couldn't Wake Subjects

File under: Whoops! A hypnotist in Quebec hit a spot of bother when he couldn't get several of his subjects back out of a trance.

To be fair, if you have ever been to Quebec you know how you're half-way in one anyway.

He had to call on his mentor to help as he just couldn't make them snap out of it. He was a stage hypnotists, so I have more sympathy. I have often been on stage unable to snap people out of their sleep, which is even worse for me as a stand up.

He was Maxime Nadeau, who put on a show for a group of 12- and 13-year-olds at girls' school. His subjects should have come out of the trance by the end of the demonstration, but some of them didn't.

This is what happened when people run before they can walk. If you have only learnt to put people under you shouldn't do anything till you have learnt how to get them back out. It's like a pilot learning to take off and fly but not learning to land. Unless you're in al-Qaeda, it's not enough.

Nadeau had to call his mentor Richard Whitbread, and Whitbread blamed his protégé's good looks. He said the smitten young girls might have been particularly eager to follow his directions.

He's blaming his failure at work on his good looks? I think we have finally found the male Samantha Brick.

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