BBC's The Voice Was A Hit

Viewing figures show The Voice was BBC1's most successful entertainment show launch in a decade. Although with the schedule full of Dads Army, it's also their only entertainment show launch in a decade.

That's actually not fair, I take that back. For The Voice to be the biggest entertainment show the BBC has done in a 10 years it is very impressive. It means it beat the big hitters such as Fame Academy, So You Think You Can Dance, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria, There's Something About Mary...

Actually, that last one wasn't a TV show. Good job, because it would involve hairdressers, unusual hair gel, and each week the woman with the least crusty hair gets voted off.

The Beeb says figures show the series pulled in an average of 9-point-2 million viewers. It could've been watched by a few more if those judges had turned round and paid attention.

The talent show saw viewers dropping off after its early stages - with the semi-final drawing just half the audience it had managed at its peak. It's strange for a competition to get less interesting as it goes on. It must mean they picked the wrong contestants to stay in each week. The problem is, as soon as the judges turn their chairs round, there's no USP. They got to see what the singers looked like and voted them off based on that, like every other show.

What they should do is put bags on the singers' heads all the way through the series. Vote off the weaker singers and keep in the better ones. Imagine the tension when the winner pulls the bag off and... eeeeew! You'd look at the winner's face and say, "Well, she deserved to win. She lost to Diversity last time, so it's only fair."



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