Would This Stop A Husband Cheating

Someone has gone and invented something that stops husbands cheating.

Oooh, interesting. Is the answer, "a perfect wife at home"?

Of course not. It's a wedding ring that has the word "MARRIED" stamped on the inside of the ring in reverse. Here's how it works. A married man is out drinking, sees an attractive lady and like the cad he is he wants to go over and flirt. So, he takes his wedding ring off, but where it has been now says the word "MARRIED".

That'll stop him! Well, that'll stop him pulling women who can read.

It's available on cheeky.com and it says it was inspired by the roving hands of some celebrity hubbies. That's the flaw in the plan. Most people know these celebs are married, their wedding was probably in OK Magazine, and yet still women sleep with them. Just having another reminder won't make a difference.

But most people aren't married to celebs and if you are worried about your husband cheating get one of these. No matter how attractive the women he meets are, he won't do anything about it. Unless he comes home one day after chopping off his own finger, in which case he deserved a little action.

I'll keep an eye on this because if the inventor of a ring that stamps "MARRIED" on a man's finger gets rich I may invented another ring that says "NOT-". Pop that on when you first walk into a bar and by the time you're chatting someone up, you're golden.

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