Will The Doctors Strike?

Will the doctors strikeAccording to the Daily Mail, doctors are now unsure that they want to go on strike. If there's ever an attribute you don't want in your doctors, it's caprice.

Striking is a serious and drastic action but if they thought it was the right thing to do back when they took the ballot, I'd like them to still think it was the right thing to do. This is because, having a limb amputated is a serious and drastic move, but if they thought it was the right thing to do back when they made the diagnosis, I don't want them to say, "Hmm, maybe it was a little hasty," when you go back for the check up.

The newspaper said, "Support has waned and doctors admit to having a 'crisis of confidence'." Come on doctors, man up. You wouldn't catch Dr Gregory House having a crisis of confidence and that's why we love him. OK, he wouldn't stage a walk out either, but that's because of his leg.

The dispute is expected to lead to the cancellation of 1.25million GP appointments. That is nearly 50% of all GP appointments they normally get cancelled by the doctor's receptionist. So, big numbers.

A poll of 1,265 GP practices suggests doctors are having second thoughts as only 281 centres confirmed they would definitely take part in a walk-out.

As ever with these issues I am torn in different directions. If you sign up for a deal and someone wants to worsen that deal at a later date, tough titties to them. Yes, go on strike and get what you were originally offered. Just because we bail out banks shouldn't mean every public sector worker should have to have a much worse pension.

But that word is the one that throws me. Pension. They'd still get a pension that's better than most and, crucially, better then I will ever get. Should I really be supporting the pension rights of a bunch of people who will be living the high life while I'm starving to death on whatever is left of a state pension?

With what I do for a living, my only plan for old age is to drink loads, eat loads, and hope I don't make it to pensionable age. And the biggest thing standing in the way of my plans... doctors!

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