Cheryl Cole In Dated A Wrong 'Un Shocker

Cheryl Cole is back in the UK and she's trying to plug her new album. She's in the news saying that a song on her new album is about the pain of a teenage relationship she had with an abusive junkie. In "Craziest Things" she talks about how she was humiliated and bullied by a brute. He treated her worse than a toilet attendant.

Apparently he left her feeling "depressed" and "poorly". Poorly? Oh bless. I didn't realise it was that bad. All of the really good songs are about such strong emotions as feeling "poorly" and "under the weather".

Cheryl said: "I was in the worst relationship of my life."

Really? Someone who made you feel poorly was worse than someone who married you, cheated on your, and MMS'd pictures of his wang to other women?

I really don't understand Cheryl. And neither did the Americans, which is why she's back over here.

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