The 24-Year-Old School Boy

24-year-old school boyA boy who enrolled at a new school was chucked out because the head believes he is really a man of 24.

Look at the picture. His school jacket doesn't fit. If you're taking a 24-year-old shopping for his uniform you don't pick one he'll 'grow' into.

Prince Summerfield joined a Year Nine class as a 14-year-old at the start of the new term last week. But just 48 hours later he was sent home after teachers had suspicions that he was a man a decade older than he said he was.

It was easy to tell. He's so old he still thought Adidas were trendy.

In a letter to his mum Ennettie and step-dad David, he was even branded a "child protection risk" to other students.

Fortunately his mum and dad couldn't find their glasses...

Headmaster Nigel Poole said he "clearly" looked much older than 14 and seemed uncertain about his date of birth.

That's the trouble with kids these days. They don't know they're born.

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