Gray Sacked For Perving Over TV Girl

Gray Sacked For Perving Over TV GirlToday's Sun newspaper goes with the headline: "Gray Sacked For Perving Over TV Girl"

That's a headline that made me panic. I thought, "If you can get fired for perving over a girl on the TV I can never watch Beeny's Restoration Nightmare again."

Thankfully it's not about that. It's Sky Sports presenter Andy Gray getting sacked after new footage emerged of him mocking a female colleague.

He was already at the centre of a sexism storm after making comments about female referee Sian Massey not knowing the offside rule.

Now we find he made "offensive" remarks towards Sky Sports presenter Charlotte Jackson.

He might know the offside rule but he can't tell when he's crossed the line.

Gray asked Charlotte to tuck in his shirt.

Was he trying to get some sort of sexual kick from that or has his belly got so large he can't actually reach over it now? We may never know.

But now he won't be commontating on any football games. He'll be at home, where he belongs.

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