Phone Hacking

The Independent has more on the phone hacking scandal. Just to clarify, that's not where you phone someone and make throwing up noises down the phone, although that is fun too.

This is the story of News of the World journalists hacking into the phones of politicians and celebs. Well, I say hacking, it was often the case that the celeb hadn't changed their password from the factory settings and the journalists used the standard passwords to check their voicemail.

That's not really hacking. That's like saying a sparrow pulled off an elaborate, Mission Impossible-style break-in when I accidentally left a window open.

Now the Met police force face growing calls for it to be stripped of its powers in the inquiry, with MPs and public figures demanding that an independent police force take over the case.

Wow. I Know The Independent has a newspaper, a website, some podcasts and that new I newspaper, but they have a police force too?

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