Man Shot In Head Sneezes Bullet

This is something of an amazing story. A man was shot in the head but just sneezed out the bullet.

I guess that's what happens when someone tries to assassinate David Blain.

No, it was some chap called Mr Sangermano from Naples, Italy, who was hit by the stray bullet as revellers fired into the air on New Year's Eve.

As a side note, that means someone at that celebration is such a bad shot he couldn't even hit the sky when he aimed for it, but back to the main story.

The .22-calibre round entered the right side of his head, passed behind his eye, hit a bone in his nose and finally lodged in his nostril, before being sneezed out in hospital.

From now on whenever he gets hay-fever everyone near him will take cover.

It's a neat trick, getting shot in the head and blowing the bullet out of your nose. I bet everyone concerned is glad he wasn't shot in the lower back.

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