Longer Paternity Leave

Fathers are to get 10 months off. That's great news. I hope I have twins, that'll be nearly 2 years.

This is great. If you want to have babies and your bloke isn't interested, tell him about the time off. "Yeah, it's years of sleepless nights and ridiculous expense, but you could finally get round to watching all of The Wire on DVD."

Nick Clegg has announced a new plan for greater paternity leave.

What I have heard from friends who have started having kids is that as the bloke you kind of feel side-lined, like there's not much you can do. Basically you're contribution to this baby was the two hours of pleasure* you gave to make it.

So having 10 months of hanging round feeling useless might not be the best idea. And remember this is Nick Clegg's idea. If anyone should know what it's like to be useless for 10 months...

* No actual clock was used to verify this.


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