Sexism In Football

footie sexismTwo football presenters have lost their jobs because of the nasty comments they were over-heard making about a female assistant referee when they didn't realise their microphones were still on.

Or, doing a "Gordon Brown" as it's known in the business.

Andy Gray and Richard Keys were recorded saying that Sian Massey and other women in the game "did not know the offside rule".

Wait one darn minute there! They are linking being a woman with not knowing the offside rule. On one level that is terribly sexist and they deserved to lose their jobs.

But on another level... I don't know the offside rule. Are they saying I'm a woman!

That's offsideist. Just because I zone out when a football fan starts moving salt pots around to explain it doesn't mean I'm female.

I suppose it's a small blessing. Terrible as it is that football commentators get in trouble for being sexist, it wasn't that long ago it was Ron Atkinson being racist. Give them a few years and we'll have a few more pundits sacked for homophobia and ageism and eventually, around the year 2053 they'll do their last ever joke about someone who's ginger and football will finally be OK.

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