Asylum Seekers On Run

Tomorrow's Express tells us: "One In 7 Asylum Seekers On Run"

Hey, if we play this right we could do well at our own Olympics. Leave them on the run till early 2012 so they're practised, then have an amnesty and all of a sudden we're getting golds.

OK, the other countries might notice our best athletes can't speak English that well but let them hear David Beckham speak and it would prove a point.

We need to do well at this Olympics because it is costing a lot at a time when we are running out of money. We have 20% VAT, students are being robbed, benefits are being cut and we are building a new running track. Great.

But we could just about make the situation work for us as long as we win. We need to get gold in all the events, then with a few freepost envelopes to Cash4Gold... you see where I'm going here.


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