(Sunday) Express An Opinion And Stick To It

The Sunday ExpressToday the Express talks more about the Joanna Yeates murder case. Don't worry, we're not doing jokes about that. But the front page of the Express says that all men living in Bristol should give a DNA sample to help solve this case.

This is Bristol we're talking about. If all the men gave DNA we might find out they're all related. Imagine how news like that would affect the Bristolians. For a start they'd have a lot more gifts to buy at Christmas.

It'll never work because anyone who gives a DNA sample will be innocent and the odd one or two who slip through will include the person you're after. It's unworkable tokenism on behalf of the Express.

The Express was also on this blog in the week with the headline: "Scandal Of Big Brother Britain" with a story saying the police knew too much about us.

So, not just changing point of view as and when it suits then?

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