Sarah Palin Strikes Again

Sarah PalinThis has to be one of the best bits of PR ever. After a shooting in America some people pointed out that the violent language used by people like Sarah Palin might not have helped the situation.

She then releases a statement saying these people should not "manufactured a blood libel" and thereby offended the Jewish community.

If she could've slipped something in there about the gays she could've hit the hattrick.

It all started after a shooting in Tucson, the same place she had previously delivered a speech where she said they should take up arms... and someone did... and that's awkward.

What she needs to deploy is the age old, "Well, if I told you to jump off a bridge, would you?" defence. It always worked in school.

Palin said: "We know violence isn't the answer. When we 'take up our arms,' we're talking about our vote." Then why not call it a vote. I don't want to be Roy Walker here but say what you see.

I think anyone who deliberately uses violent language to stir up political anger to benefit their own cause should have a massive cactus shoved right up their bottom and twisted round a bit. And when I say, "a massive cactus shoved right up their bottom and twisted round a bit," I of course mean, "they shouldn't be voted for." I see how this works.

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