Animal Taser

animal tasetTaser International, the company known for making its stun gun, has unveiled a new weapon to use on wildlife.

Thank heavens for that. The number of times I've been mugged by elk, now I can fight back.

The Taser Wildlife Electronic Control Device is a three-shot, semi-automatic Taser designed specifically to incapacitate large animals from as far away as nearly 11 metres.

I want to say, for the record, I would only ever use one if I had failed to talk the animal down.

It costs $1,999.95 and I don't know if there are settings for smaller animals or not. I mean, what do you do if you are attacked by a squirrel? Have roast squirrel for dinner, I guess.

In a press release Taser International said that "published research has shown that wildlife managers sometimes need to use tools to modify animal behaviour to avoid dangerous human-animal conflicts and the loss of animal life."

Oh, it's for wildlife rangers? That makes more sense. I thought they'd invented it for vegans who wanted to still enjoy hunting.

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