The OANPs, Old Aged No-Pensioners

Today The Daily Mail says: "Pensions Hit By New Tax Bungle"

Firstly, can't this country get anything right and secondly, why is a character from Rainbow in charge of tax. It's a day of big questions.

Millions of people face being denied their state pension because they have not been credited with the National Insurance contributions they actually have made.

Is this the latest 'austerity measure' from the coalition? They rondomly pick some people to get no pension to help pay off the deficit.

It's like the opposite to a lottery. You don't enter but if your numbers come up you lose lots of money. And the people running it don't have any balls. So it really is the opposite to a lottery.

The tax man has lost £1.2billion. When I lose money I normally find it down the back of the sofa, which makes you think, just how big are the sofas in HM Revenue & Costoms?


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