Express: BBC Cuts?

Firstly, the Sunday Express boasts on its front page: "Free milk for every reader!"

As if the newspapers don't patronise enough they now make us feel like primary children (before Mrs Thatcher stopped the free milk - ooh, but of a split up from the Express).

But the main story is "Cut BBC Licence Fee Now".

Why now? I thought they should've cut it when Jonathan Ross quit. He was on £3million, there are about 60 million people in the UK. Even if we all have our own TV licence that's still 5p each. Give it back Beeb!

This is because of the news that money from England's TV licence fee payers may be used to fund a Scotland-only channel.

With the number of times they show old episodes of Taggart on ITV4 I thought we already had one.

It would be very easy to get angry about this and have a go at the plan to use English money to pay for a Scottish channel, while English students lose the EMA but Scottish ones keep theirs, and English tax payers fork out loads for prescriptions and the Scottish ones make a saving. But in the back of my mind I know we should pay for this TV channel to make up for all the times we heard the BBC continuity announcer talk about a great TV show and then say, "...that's except for viewers in Scotland," and we laughed.


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