The Cheating Footballer Test

Whether you're a fan of football or a fan of infidelity, the recent news stories of our sportsmen have certainly given us lots of read.

Maybe you enjoyed the story of Wayne Rooney and his pay-as-you go antics. Maybe Ashley Cole's track record with hair dressers was more up your street. Maybe you were a fan of Ryan Giggs' Family Fortunes, or perhaps John Terry becoming the living example of the phrase "with friends like that who needs enemies". Or there's a small chance you dug through all the news about phone-hacking and were lucky enough to see the lesser-spotter cheating Rio Ferdinand in the papers.

Either way, it's been a bumper crop. And we'd like to know which one was your favourite.

As part of the SomeNews.co.uk Live Show, being performed as part of this year's Edinburgh Festive, we're running a poll to work out the nation's favourite cheating footballer. Kind of a "Sport Personality (But Lacks Morals) of the Year" vote. So do it now!

Just pick your fave, click the 'vote' button and you'll be helping us get to the bottom of what makes a truly great cheating athlete.

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Thanks for taking part. After the Edinburgh Festival the results will be posted here.


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