Saline Death Nurse Charged

Saline MurderOn the front page of The Sun, the nurse accused of killing patients by tampering with medicine has now been charged.

I'm not going to put her name here because she's only been charged, not found guilty, and this sit is indexed by Google. But if she is guilty... IF... can I just say, she doesn't have the look of a killer, does she?

Whatever happened to the days when the nutters in the news would be someone who looked like a loner? A neat centre parting, trousers that don't quite reach the top of the show, revealing white socks. You knew where you stood with killers like that.

Whenever there has been a spate of murders it's normally the man who the neighbours say "kept himself to himself" who flipped. I'm not a sociable person but I make an effort to migle so I don't fit that profile. I'm not that chatty and I once watched Star Trek so make sure I don't keep myself to myself. I don't want to be the police's "go to guy" when someone goes missing.

And serial killers are meant to be the sad weirdos who spend their time making models out of matchsticks when they're not buring bodies, not fun-loving outgoing women who have fun on Facebook. All of the pictures of this woman seem to show someone having a good time. Don't tell me I have to start worrying that normal looking people are potential killers.

You're meant to see the picture of someone who has just been arrested for some killings and think, "Well, of course he did it. With a face like that he should've been arrested years ago." Oh, the world was an easier place back then.

And she was a nurse, remember. They're meant to be sexy. Don't ruin that for me too. It'll mess up any role-play. "Ooooh, you're a bad nurse aren't you? What are you going to do to me? Oooh, tie me up? And what else? You're going to do what with my saline!?!"


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