The New Beckham's Arrival

David and VictoriaDavid and Victoria Beckham should've had their next baby by now. That's not because I saw a sign or anything. - "And behold, there was a star in the East. And it had a D&G logo on it." - No, they planned it. They booked in for a caesarean on their 12th wedding anniversary.

I know what you're thinking, "Ah, ain't that romantic." Maybe, but it wouldn't have been if they got married in April. The poor little thing wouldn't have stood a chance.

It seems a little controlling to make your daughter be born on the same date as your wedding day but it's actually a stoke of genius on Victoria's part. David will never forget their anniversary again. Now, if she can have another kid on her birthday she'll be sorted.

The bookies' favourite, if you want to bet on names, is Luna. Really? A couple who have a history of naming their kids after where they were conceived, and you think they'll name her after the moon? Just how rich are they?

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