Tina Turnered Out On The Streets

A woman who sang Tina Turner songs all night has been evicted from her home.

Hey, she got off lightly. The last person to sing that many Tina Turner songs was Tina Turner, and look what she got.

This is the news story of a 46-year-old woman who moved into a house in Hammersmith and from day one kept her neighbours awake with her karaoke.

This goes along with what I have always said, karaoke should be punished.

It's bad enough in a bar when you're trying to have a drink, but for someone to do it so that you can hear it at home, it's disgraceful. It's like bringing a little bit of X Factor into your house. And you wouldn't want to be invaded by Louis Walsh when you weren't expecting it.

My favourite bit in the newspaper was when it said the woman the would sing power ballads from 8 till dawn, accompanied by 'thumping noises'.

Ah, so she was doing Ike's bits too.

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