Great Plastic Bag Betrayal

Great Plastic Bag BetrayalFriday's Daily Mail has the headline: Great Plastic Bag Betrayal

That's a coincidence because that's also the title of Peter Andre's autobiography.

But this is the news that the Daily Mail is upset about the amount of plastic we waste in the form of plastic bags. The newspaper is upset. You know, the same newspaper that on the weekend wraps its supplements in plastic even though they'd already be protected by the actual paper. Yeah, that paper is angry with is for using plastic bags.

They ran a campaign to reduce the number of bags used but it didn't work. They say an extra 300million plastic bags were handed out by supermarkets last year. I'm amazed that's happened because in the old days you could just take the bags you wanted to use, but now, when you pile up your week's worth of food on the conveyor belt the checkout person has to say to you, "Will you be needing bags?"

"No, I thought I'd just eat it as soon as you've scanned it! Or I might just back the car up to checkout number 9 if that's all right. Idiot!"

But you don't say that, you say, "Yes, I will, thank you." And they give you one carrier bag. One!

"I've got enough food for a week there. And thanks to your supermarket's 6 for 4 deals I've has purchased more than I could ever need. I've bought so much food the best before dates are now a dare. And you have given me one bag!"

Unless they're getting those carrier bags from Mary Poppins, it's never going to work.

And yet, even with all those hoops to jump through we're getting more bags. Is it because we don't like being denied things we used to get for free, so we pack fewer items into each bag? Or is it because we're buying more things?

I don't know, but I know one reason why I have been getting a lot more plastic bags from WH Smiths. I don't want people to see that I bought a copy of the Daily Mail.


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