Man Walks 1,000 Miles To Marry

A man has followed the advice of The Proclaimers when trying to get a woman to marry him.

Really? Did he look at The Proclaimers and think,"I bet they know a thing or two about women!" I think they're more likely to know where to get free Milky Bars.

Here's the story, Liu Peiwen proposed to Proclaimers fan Ling Hsueh, and she accepted but joked it was on condition he followed the Scottish band's hit 500 Miles.

That's the cruel part. He would've walked 500 miles and called her to ask what was next in the song. "You what? Walk 500 more? Well, why didn't they just say that. At least Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles was being up front about it."

Mr Liu set off on a walk from Henan province to his other-half's hometown in Guagndong province in south-east China, 1,600km away which is 1,000 miles.

Mr Liu said: "When I get there I hope she is waiting for me and I will ask her again - and I hope she says yes."

If not, next time go out with a Tracy Chapman fan. At least following the advice of the song Fast Car would've got you there a lot quicker.

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