Phone Hacking - Andy Coulson Arrested

Andy Coulson arrestedToday's Times tells us "Coulson arrested: 'There's a lot I'd like to say but I can't'."

Well, Andy, just leave yourself a voicemail, it'll get out.

After ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson was arrested and questioned about the phone-hacking scandal, David Cameron faced fierce criticism for bringing Andy into Downing Street as his spokesperson.

Yeah, bringing a liar and a cheat into politics. How would you tell him from everyone else?

But the Prime Minister refused to distance himself from Mr Coulson, calling him 'a friend' with whom he is still in touch.

Well, when he says in touch... Andy has his mobile number. And probably his PIN code.

But defending his hiring of Andy, David Cameron said: "I took a conscious choice to give someone who had screwed up a second chance."

I never thought there would be anything in common between David Cameron and Cheryl Cole. Well, that and the fact they both got where they are today by sucking up to a media mogul.

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