Rio's 10 Secret Lovers

Rio's 10 Secret LoversIf you're a premiership footballer who has had an affair you'll probably be OK... unless a newspaper group has a big story it wants to try to bury. Oh dear.

Front page of The Sun today says: Rio's 10 Secret Lovers

I'm not sure how they found out about all of these women Rio had affairs with. Unless some of those women were ex-service men or relatives of victims of terrorism.

I know this is in The Sun, and it's their sister paper, the News of the World, who did all the phone hacking, but if it's in the family it's fair game. Not my words, the words of Ryan Giggs.

According to the paper, ten alleged secret lovers of Rio were named in the High Court, including a stripper, a topless model and a Pop Idol.

Pop Idol? Not X Factor? I guess that's Michelle McManus.

The list was reeled off by Gavin Millar QC who said: "Disclosure of an affair was well justified in the public interest."

Oh come off it. We didn't need to know if Rio Ferdinand had an affair. He's a footballer. We just assumed he did.

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