Northerners Have Bigger Brains

For a while this was the best news I'd read all day. People from the north have bigger brains.

Yeah, of course we do. It's because we're so clever. Our brains are so full of cleverness we don't have space for the word, "THE", which explains our speech patterns.

Sadly, the scientific research shows it's not linked to northerners being clever. And if you think about Kerry Katona that theory holds. The reason for the tiny difference is that people in the north have to live with less light.

I think that's because they can't afford the lekky bill.

Eiluned Pearce, of Oxford University's School of Anthropology, explained: "As you move away from the equator, there's less and less light available, so humans have had to evolve bigger and bigger eyes. Their brains also need to be bigger to deal with the extra visual input."

Ah, I get it (because I'm clever, because I'm northern). So big eyes are linked to big brains? Wow! That guy from Britain's Got Talent must be a genius.

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