Ulrika Was Hacked

Ulrika Jonsson has joined the list of people who claim their voicemails were hacked by the News of the World. She said a top News Of The World executive told her not to leave voicemails on her mobile because "we'll hear them".

If she's trying to get some sympathy she's not quite in the Milly Dowler or victims of 9/11 category. There's nothing like having an affair with someone to make a bit of phone hacking look like a lesser crime.

She spoke out amid claims her fling with ex-England boss Sven was only exposed because her messages were intercepted. Ulrika said she "felt sick" when Met police produced evidence which suggested she was being spied on.

She hated the idea of being under constant surveillance, said the woman who later went on Celebrity Big Brother.

She said: "Someone warned me not to leave voicemails because they can get those. They couldn't intercept text messages but they can get voicemails."

They were intercepting the voicemails of a woman who speaks Swedish who was having an affair with a Swedish man? I'm amazed they could understand a word of it.

If I tapped into someone's messages and heard some garbled vowel sounds I'd think, "Oooh, someone's on T-Mobile!"

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