The Old Bag Escape Trick

A woman has been arrested for trying to sneak her husband out of prison in a suitcase.

What a dumb idea. He wanted to make a quick getaway and left her to do the packing?

The wife was rumbled as she left the jail following a conjugal visit.

Hang on. They let her go in for a conjugal visit with a massive suitcase. Just what did they think she'd be getting up to in there?

Anyway, during this visit she unzipped her case, her hubby tried to climb in and squeeze himself into the awkward shape and she zipped him back up. So, outside the room they'd hear some unzipping and the sounds of a man in pain. It would sound like a Frank Bough impression.

Guards became suspicious when they saw 19-year-old Maria del Mar Arjona trying to leave the prison in Mexico with the bulky black bag.

I know, right? A woman with only one suitcase. Something was wrong.

When they checked the case they found inmate Juan Ramirez Tijerina curled up inside.

That's a risky way to escape. OK, you could probably get past the guards and out of the prison, but as soon as she checks you in with easyJet, you'd never been seen again.

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