Murdoch Eats Humble Pie... Well, Humble Foam

Murdoch pie in faceRupert Murdoch described yesterday as "the most humble day of my life".

And it really was because he had to have his wife beat someone up for him.

In case you missed it, here's what happened. Rupert and his son James attended a parliamentary select committee to (manage to not) answer questions about the phone hacking scandal, but the details of what they said were over shadowed by what has been called on Twitter #piegate.

Jonnie Marbles, a comedian in the Aaron Barshack genre, attacked Rupert Murdoch during the last question by slapping a custard pie in the old man's face. Well, it was actually a paper plate with shaving foam on it. Tut, recession, eh?

But that act of foamy protest was immediately over shadowed itself but Mr Murdoch's wife Wendi. She shot up out of her seat and pounced. Was she protective of her octogenarian husband, was she upset as it's normally her who has to rub shaving foam on his face, or is she secretly a ninja body-guard?

She slapped Jonnie Marbles across the face. It was a good one. It looked like he would've been sore after that. He'll probably have to put some cream on it, which isn't without irony.

43-year-old Mrs Murdoch then picked up the paper plate with the remaining shaving foam and rubbed it in the comedian's face. It's good to see marrying a billionaire hasn't changed her, she still likes to use up left-overs.

There are still questions about how Mr Marbles, a comedian and well-known activist, had got into the room. He'd sat there tweeting a series of messages as the Murdochs were examined over phone hacking. And in a final tweet, made just minutes before the incident, he said: "It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat".

And now people will think all of us comedians will go round hitting people in the face with pies. Well, maybe that's good. It'll mean we won't get heckled as much. Well, we'll only get heckled by fat people.

Whatever you think about Rupert Murdoch and his role in the phone hacking scandal and indeed his place in the media landscape, fundamentally it was a 26-year-old guy hitting an 80-year-old man. Getting his ass handed to him by the pensioner's wife seems only fair.

Remember Jonnie, as you go through life, if you get roughed up by a someone wearing a pink jacket, you're not hard.

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