Posh Buys Becks A Car

In this week's Now we learn that Victoria Beckham has thanked husband David for looking after her when she was pregnant by presenting him with a £30,000 vintage car.

Wow! She's just made the idea of fatherhood a lot more attractive.

Victoria bought the car from elite car dealer Chequered Flag in LA, as a thank you for all the support.

Support? Surely as the bloke all you have to do is look concerned and let her swear at you when she's in labour? Although she had a caesarean so if she was swearing at him and calling him names it means she's still not forgiven him for the Rebacca Loos thing.

She got him a deep red convertible 1966 Pontiac Firebird.

I tell you what, if you're buying me a car you could name your kids whatever you wanted. Forget Harper Seven, you could name it Clarineter Fifteen or whatever.

I'm assuming that's what the name Harper means; someone who plays the harp. If it is that kid is already the most musical member of that family.

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