Going For Gold

going for goldToday's Financial Times says: "Gold breaches £1,000 barrier".

Typical. Just before we get the bloody Olympics! We'd better win most of the medals, we don't need all that wealth going out of the UK.

But it's good news for other countries. Just as the US finds out it needs to increase its borrowing we hear the price of gold has shot up. If they sell Mr T they could write off their whole debt. If they sell of rappers' teeth they could buy have themselves a treat too.

But it's the jitters over the eurozone debt crisis and the US debt ceiling that drove the gold price through the £995 an ounce mark for the first time.

Gold hasn't been worth this much in ages. It will probably mean more people will use those Cash4Gold services. That's good news... for people who work in the Post Office. There's nothing like putting your gold in an envelope, that's marked Cash4Gold, to let the postal workers know which ones to nick.

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