The Human Hairball

HairballThere are some things cats can do that we humans can't. Licking themselves, falling from a great height and landing OK, and being generally offish and self-serving and yet still somehow being loved.

But there's one thing that we humans can beat them at: furballs.

In India, a 19-year-old girl had a ball of hair surgically removed from her stomach that was 1.8 kg heavy. That's like nearly two bags of sugar, but obviously no where near as tasty.

Apparently she had the habit of eating her hair during lessons. How bad were the school dinners? Jamie Oliver needs to get over there. She's making Turkey Twizzlers look healthy. It's gross. Have you ever had a meal where you find just one hair? It totally ruins the whole meal. But she's scoffing down loads of the stuff.

What upsets me is that this woman had more hair in her intestines than I can grow on my head.

Unsurprisingly, eating hair and chalk isn't good for you, and it bunged her up, and I find that terrifying. Not only is it potentially life-threatening, but it also means you wouldn't get to read a newspaper.

She also used to eat chalk, and the hairball was a core of chalk with hair on the outside. I hope it wasn't just plain chalk she ate. I hope she eat different colour chalks, because you've got to eat your greens.

Incredibly, the hairball is not the largest to be removed from a patient in recent years. In November 2007, doctors in the US reported having found a 10lb hairball inside a woman's stomach.

And you know what that shows? The people in America really are greedy.

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