Alcohol's Minimum Price

The UK has been suffering floods, we're in an economic down-turn and hospital superbugs are getting harder to kill. But the big news in Britain is... they want to charge us a little bit more for our booze!

The Coalition is about to publish its consultation on alcohol. It looks like we could be having minimum pricing; that's where there's a floor on how cheap you can sell a unit of alcohol for.

Really? Haven't we suffered enough? The Government have ramped up the price of petrol and now the price of alcohol. That'll really hit the pockets of hard-working drink-drivers... hang on...

David Cameron is in favour of setting a minimum price, but something tells me a millionaire like his doesn't get his Bollinger from Supercuts. It seems wrong for a government made up of "old money" rich people setting a higher price on alcohol that the rest of the country has to pay. At the end of a working week some people just want to enjoy a pint. Right?

Well, the minimum price they want to bring in is 50p a unit. Where the hell can you buy beer cheaper than that? The bars I've been to, you have to pay more than that to the guy in the loos who just hands you a paper towel.

The only sales that will be affected will be the supermarket offers where you can buy multi-packs of bottles for a knock down price. As it shows on the front of the i newspaper, special deals on alcopops will have to end.

Good. I don't like alcopops. When I was a young teen getting drunk I had to do it with lager and bitter. It tasted horrible but we put the work in to get our drunk on. These days the young folk can get drunk while having a lovely sweet drink. It's not fair.

Will the alcohol minimum price really stop the problem of binge drinking though? No. People will still want to get drunk and making them pay a little bit extra for their pre-loading drinks won't stop them. But it might mean they drink on an empty stomach, so they don't have to pay as much to get to the same level of drunk. And if that's the case, this is the first government policy that could actually make people eat less.

You've got to take the wins where you can get them.

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