John Lewis Christmas Advert - More Horror

Ah, the John Lewis Christmas advert. It seems like only last year when they brought one out.

We covered last year's one on this site because it featured a child who is impatient for Christmas to arrive because he has plans he can't wait to put into action. There's an edited version of the advert, with different music, that really shows you what this child is... evil. He makes Stewie in Family Guy seem positively cuddly. (See the 2011 John Lewis ad here)

But now we find ourself in 2012, October is over, and that means it's time for Christmas (I know, that means a 1/6th of the year is therefore Christmas but there's money to be made). John Lewis have brought another advert, and here it is...

Sweet and cute, yeah? Not if you watch it and think of this...

John Lewis, you are terrifying!

And if the Doctor Who motif doesn't freak you out, this might...

Click on it to read the price

£12.50 for a bar of soap!


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