Man Vs Shark, Guess Who Wins

Some people have a fear of flying, some people have a fear of snakes, and some have a fear of sharks. Which is worst? Maybe it's the snakes because the film Snakes on a Plane would've been less dramatic if it were Sharks on a Plane; they'd just flop around a bit gasping for air. Although the dullest film would be the one called Flying on a Plane.

When you spend your time on dry land (or in dry air) it's easy to forget how terrifying sharks can be but here's a reminder. Scott Stephens was surfing off the coast of Eureka, California (ever noticed that when you swim in the sea there the sea rises by just a tiny amount? Never mind.), when a great white shark pulled him underwater.

It was an unexpected attack, and is technically a white-on-white crime so it's a shock it was covered in the American news. When a great white shark thinks of you as dinner what can you do?

Well, fortunately Scott fought back. He punched the animal several times before it let go. He won a fist fight with a great white shark. No one's going to mess with him now. He was described to be in "fair" condition by doctors and is recovering.

So, what's the moral of the story? Anyone who says violence solves nothing, this proves them wrong.

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